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  1. You have a maximum of 1 hour to find all the clues and complete your QUEST successfully or find an exit and ESCAPE. The sooner – the better.
  2. You will need to leave all your belongings including but not limited to: phones, keys, screw drivers, jimmy, pins, scissors and other tools and devices in a locker.
  3. There will be no tasks that will require any strong physical strength so please don’t pull, tear or push anything with excessive force.
  4. This is not a computer game. If you cut the cord, you’ll find electricity there, and if the glass breaks you may cut yourself. Be careful and cautious!
  5. Each room has a mic and cameras in there and help is always a shout away. Just ask for help and you’ll hear a Game Master helping you.
  6. The Game Master will clean and reset the room after you, but please try not to break, tear or smash things in there. We do videotape everything and will charge for any major intentional damage you may cause.
  7. Please don’t discuss the game flow and clues after you exit the game room – you may spoil the WOW effect for the next team who will play after you.
  8. We do keep the right to refuse to serve anyone at the facility. Reasonable and non-refundable rejection include but is not limited to: being under influence of alcohol and/or drugs; inadequate, aggressive and disrespectful behavior to guests or Staff
  9. You or your parent/guardian must sign release waiver before the game start.
  10. The recommended minimum age for attendees is 10. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Minors must be accompanied by adults and have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian.