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Escape Zone Houston

Escape Rooms and Themed Parties in Houston, Texas

We offer escape game adventures and themed party games for adults and kids and for any type of event!



 We allow reservations by phone (888) 896 0022 but you need to pay online in advance! PLEASE BE ON TIME! It’s very important! We allow a 10 min grace period but if your group is going to be late longer than this period we HAVE to cut your time because the next group  should not wait for their scheduled game . We value and  respect all our clients.

If your group 3 people and less (children under 7 y. o and under are not counting because they are free of charging BUT they count as amount of people because each room has limited capacity) it will not guarantee that your room will be private especially on the weekends and holidays BUT you can always make it private paying additional 30$ for whole group for your game.

Dear clients please make bookings online 2 hours before the game (it’s automatically close 2 hours before and then u need to call for us to make it available online. You still can book and play). We just don’t accept CC by phone.  You can pay in the office by cash or credit card  BUT  in order to reserve a room you will need to pay at least for  two adults. The rest of your group can pay at the time of event (in case if you are not sure how many people will be for sure on the game). but they count as amount of people because each room has limited capacity). We accept walk ins Fr- Sat especially on evening time  but anyway ALWAYS call at least 30 min before coming. And enjoy your game!

Directions to find US: To find us is already kind of quest;) So game starts even before u enter to real game. So we are located in the same parking lot where Imperial Hall and 2 door next on the right from Training Center. We are on the back of parking lot, you need to walk through metal gate and u you will see direction arrows

We also remain open for private themed party game’s reservations (quest games) in your territory (house, cafe, park or any facility). You can read details about it in our website. You can make bookings by phone (832) 610 9699 at least 2 days before the party

Of course we want to have the best puzzles, most immersive environments and the best guest experience, but more important than even that, is having the safest entertainment experience anywhere. Here’s what we are doing to give our guests the safest possible experience.

  • We disinfect between each and every game. We will be disinfecting common areas like our lobbies between every cycle of games. Also we have disposable gloves and masks for people who prefer to play with them.
  • Our waivers are available online so our guests will not need to touch screens or make contact with our team members during check-in.
  • All of our experiences will be private for the near future for group of 4 and more. This means the friends and family you bring with you will be the only ones in the game room. Except if you are buying with special promotions (you can see it in our website).
  • We mist all of our spaces with disinfectant. Environmental disinfecting ensures that every single surface is sanitized.

We are constantly reviewing the latest developments of Covid-19 around the world, and we are working diligently to support our employees who are supporting you. We are committed to your safety. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  Thank you
Escape Zone Houston




Book your game on this website.


Show up at our location 15 minutes before your scheduled time.


Get locked in a room for 60 minutes.


Find and solve clues, puzzles, riddles, and escape the room.


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Escape Rooms are a great entertainment activity for a group of friends or a family gathering. Not only do you have a lot of fun, but you are also challenged as a team with puzzles and activities!



Teamwork is crucial to succeeding! Our games are challenging and very mentally stimulating, but they don’t require physical exertion. Escape games are exciting, intellectually challenging, and unique. But more importantly, it’s the most memorable work event your employees will ever attend! Prizes and treats can add to the excitement.



Escape Zone Houston is the perfect birthday party venue for the young at heart! No matter your age, our unique and original escape rooms make for an unforgettable adventure. Our location has special birthday packages available to make planning your event a stress free experience. Call or email us today to help plan your party.



Our escape rooms are fun and absolutely kid-friendly. We kindly ask that at least one adult attend the game so damage control is enforced. From newborns to undergrads, everyone is sure to have fun!

Top-Rated Escape Room in Houston!

Great escape room!

We did the new Dali room, it was very smart, engaging and such a fun team building experience. Thank you Quest Shark Adventures Team!

– Lenazz | TripAdvisor
Great team building game!

Everyone had a good time and we actually managed to escape! It was a great team building exercise and interesting to see the different personalities deal with the time limit and the challenge.

– denamcclure | TripAdvisor
Real challenge

We came as a tourists and spend just 3 days in Houston and this ER has great reviews and we decided to do Tesla and were really impressed and had a lot of challenge. Very logical puzzles and interesting scenario. Highly recommended.

– Julia J. | TripAdvisor
Very accommodating!

Booked the zombie bunker but 7 year old was scared. Hostess immediately picked up on it and changed our room for us. Had a great time in the Tesla room!

– Holley K. | TripAdvisor